Professional Learn to Swim Classes

We appreciate that for some people and children, learning to swim can be a daunting process. That is why Shellharbour Swim Academy only employs the friendliest and most experienced swimming instructors in our baby, learn to swim, adult and squad classes. Combining this with our fantastic facilities and an emphasis on safety, is why you can trust us when we say you’ll love our swimming lessons.

We offer baby and toddler programs, specialised infant swimming lessons, and classes for all school age groups who want to develop their techniques in preparation for our squads.

Hundreds of grateful children, including those with special needs, can now swim safely on their own, because of our swimming lessons. Our aim is to make sure everyone feels confident and at home in the water whilst teaching them skills to prevent drowning or dangerous situations that may arise.

Swimming Class Types

Infants Aquatics

This includes three learning levels emphasising water survival skills. It also includes parent participation in our fun and interactive environment.

Learn to Swim Pre-School Program

Basic swimming techniques are taught and water survival skills are developed.

School Aged Program

After mastering infant and pre-school learn to swim lessons, freestyle techniques are developed. Breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly are also taught.

Safety with Strength

Children need the strength to be able to handle all types of  conditions. These include the beach, busy pools, waterways and safe boating, thus, emphasis is on stroke correction and stamina.


Children continue to learn more skills and as such, will advance in each level already taught. As a result, they will need to adjust to new instructors from time to time.

Join our Learn to Swim and Swimming Classes

For those of you looking for an enjoyable way to stay fit and healthy, seek help from our friendly and professional swimming instructors. We hold swimming classes for everyone from beginners to intermediate levels at Shellharbour Swim Academy. We make a promise you’ll love to swim with us.

Babies, toddlers and adults have been attending our extremely popular swimming classes for over 10 years now. With experience and success like that, along with our excellent reputation, you should feel confident that we have the very best swimming classes Shellharbour has to offer.

Swimming Classes Fees

All fees for swimming lessons are to be paid before the end of the month for the following month. For example, when October 1st comes, November fees are due etc... We find that this approach, rather than paying by term, is much easier on families, especially if your budget is tight.

infant learn to swim self rescue class

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